SafeSend — Send me an encrypted message!

As an alternative to sending me a message directly via email, I built this page. Just enter your message below and optionally attach a file you also want to send. Your data will then be sent encrypted (via SSL) to my server, and from there further encrypted with GnuPG to my email address.

So especially if you want to send something confidentially (and with better privacy than emails in clear text) — for instance, passwords or files whose content should not be generally disclosed — I suggest to use this form.

If you prefer, you can of course also encrypt your mails yourself with GnuPG. Download my public key or find it on a keyserver:

4096R/0xB2492AC4A7330737 2014-12-11 Daniel Kraft <>
Fingerprint: 1142 850E 6DFF 65BA 63D6  88A8 B249 2AC4 A733 0737

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Copyright © 2011-2014 Daniel Kraft. This script is free software and you are permitted to redistribute and use it (and its source code) under the conditions of the GPL v3. You can get the code from; files there should be signed with my public key above.